A lot of the things you do to deliver customer service is covered in the admin tasks you do.  But what are you doing to give GREAT customer service.  

Face to face, you are amazing, you make the sale happen, you are the product you sell.  But what about before the client meets you? Or after the sale is complete and the aftercare once the job is completed?

All round GREAT customer service is hard to do when you're running and working the business at the same time.  In an era where there are so many more options for a customer to choose from, and a market where the 'buy-it now' means no one needs to wait, it has never been harder to catch and keep new customers.

So how can we help you....

Be your net!

By answering your emails and social media messages, your customers and contacts will be looked after.  All emails responded to with 24 hours and if the issue cannot be resolved within the 24 hours, the customer will be informed and kept updated.


I work with a fantastic call handling service provider, who are able to take messages when you're unavailable. (additional cost involved)

One of the main things I have learnt from my 20 years experience in customer service is customers like to feel valued and listened to.  Make sure you are meeting these needs and you're already ahead of the majority of your competitors in your customers eyes.


Working with and alongside Jen was always a real pleasure, because she took her responsibilities seriously, was unbelievably organized and brought a genuine passion to her workplace environment. With an attitude that’s infectiously positive, not to mention unbreakable, Jen would be an asset to any team

Tim Green

Senior Business Development Executive, DPD


Jen Organises Things Ltd company is independently owned by Jennifer Herbert.

Companies House Registered No. Registered Number 11954224

  GDPR compliant company  
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