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Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Hey everyone, I’m Jen and this is the start of my blogging career. I’m a self confessed workaholic, control freak and I’m too honest for my own good. There will be typos, grammar mistakes as I vow never to rewrite these, (I just don’t have the time), and use words that probably should not be used! So as it’s my first blog, let’s give you the mandatory life story, you ready... Born 1981, youngest of 3 siblings, a wife (just had our 10th anniversary, whoop), mother to 2 boys. I’ve 20 years in the retail sector, from till tart to store manager, HR to project management, Key Person for new store opening teams and Public Relations Ambassador for local communities. I love listening to music, reading books, catching up with friends and messing around with my kids. I’m a sucker for helping people, if a can I will, even if that means I have to drag my kids out of bed to do so (sorry kids!) I hate school runs in the rain, (it’s guaranteed to rain at 3pm!), people who take credit for others, hypocrites and I use too many emojis in my texts, you have been warned 😊 In April this year I decided to take the leap and give up the corporate world and start my own Virtual Assistant business, 🤦🏻‍♀️. Still will me, yay 😊 So why am I doing this blog..... Since taking the leap to start Jen Organises Things,(plug), I can honestly say it’s a bloody scary place to be! The list of things to do, ENDLESS. The stuff to think about, ENDLESS. The number of times you doubt yourself, ENDLESS. Maybe you’re like me working from home, being a mum, being a wife, and find it can be quite lonely, quite isolating and with the ENDLESS things you have to do, quite overwhelming! If any of this sound like you, then stick me with and I’ll show you you’re not alone. My blog isn’t to show you how to do it, it’s to share my experiences from day to day. The highs the lows, the sweat and tears. Family life Vs Work Life, who won today!!! If this sounds nothing like you, stick with me anyway and I’m sure to give you a giggle, and maybe you’ll want to share some of your wisdom to help us out 😊

Asked my eldest to take my picture!

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