I needed an #InspirationWeek


So lately its been a mixture of highs and lows. I know I've been really lucky to have started this Virtual Assistant self-employed journey with a regular client and being part of their growing business is amazing, it's what I really love to do. And having the odd paying client has been a plus, it's a good start. But I feel like I'm missing a trick, I'm doing something wrong because I'm not attracting another regular client. Anyone else feel like this?

I've joined Facebook groups, job sites and communities and looking to network in my local area of Milton Keynes (this one will probably start after the school holidays!).

My biggest problem is I'm not a patient person, never have been, so not really sure if that will change! and I've said before,

I am a self confessed workaholic, so I don't do well when I'm not busy.

So as I don't like to sit and wait I wanted to see how all the successful people did it. I've started doing a lot of research on the WWW. and came across a few articles with inspirational quotes, and a few of them hit home to me, and gave me a boost I was looking for, as I realised

This journey is going to be long and hard, but I still believe it will be worth it in the end.

I decided to share my inspiration week with the world, (well to anyone who reads my posts and this blog), and hope that if there is anyone else who is feeling a bit low this week, or at anytime, can have a little pick me up.

We all need it sometimes.

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