#inspirationWeek - (Thursday) Don't dwell on what could have been, life's too short for that!

Achieve your dreams

Now don't get me wrong, I thought I was going to stay in the retail sector until I retired. I loved the work I was doing, helping out struggling stores and making them profitable again. Opening new stores and getting them operational; training staff, setting up new offices and putting processes in place to ensure they run smoothly.

But as time went on, and when I became a mum, I realised the retails sector and the roles I played were not easy to balance.

So my role changed, scaled down and had hours that generally suited my family life. But I soon realised I wasn't using my skills to the best of my abilities. I was going above and beyond my job title required because that's just the person I am. But I wasn't getting the recognition for it outside my working circle, and I most certainly wasn't get the pay grade either! I couldn't move up the management ladder, because my 'availability did not suit the role requirements', (basically because I wasn't available 24/7 in a physical sense, that meant I couldn't do the job) Through no fault of the managers I directly worked with, I was stuck, and I didn't like being stuck.

So I decided to change my circumstances

I had been doing the Virtual Assistant role on the side, helping a friend out with her company, and finding I really liked it. The flexibility I had to do that as well as my corporate job and balance the school runs, made for some very long days. I felt I was doing something again, making a difference to her business by taking some of the work of her hands so she had time to grow her company. This gave me job satisfaction, which I thrive on, and it started me thinking about changing my career and becoming a full time Virtual Assistant.

I research the hell out of the role; how people make enough money doing, what services can I offer, where's the best place to find clients, what do I need to make sure my company is legal, how do I get a domain, how do I get a website, how do I start a Facebook page. The list went on and on, and if you're reading this as a person who has gone through the process or looking into it, you can relate to just how long that list is and the commitment it takes to make sure it is done right!

But even though the list was long and overwhelming at times, the idea of becoming a remote worker was more appealing than carrying on as I was.

I talked the idea over with my friend, getting her opinion, and she offered me a bigger role in her company, whilst also giving me the opportunity to grow my client base.

This one conversation changed my life. It made my dream possible, it was just up to me to make it a reality

Now Jen Organises Things didn't happen overnight. Scroll forward to 12 months later and here I am writing to tell you all about it. It was slow, but worth it. It was overwhelming, but worth it because I have job satisfaction again. I'm still building my business, looking for that next client I can help so they can grow theirs, but I'm on the path and enjoying every step I take on it.

S0, If you're sat on an idea, and don't know how to achieve it, the first thing to remember;

you won't achieve it if you don't start.

If you're not sure how to start, talk to someone who has. This could be friends, family or a social media group.

Don't dwell on what could have been, life's too short for that!

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