Unsubscribe from those mailing lists, its the best thing you can do for your business today!

I am really good at what I do, which might sound a bit big-headed but if you can't admit that to yourself, how are you going to convince a potential client that you are the right person for the job!

So, I am really good at what I do and starting a business is the most scariest thing that I've ever done, but I haven't regretted it for 1 second. When I started out I wanted to flood myself with information on how to crack the social media platform, signing up to every online coach that wanted to share their wisdom with me (especially if it was free, I'm a new business after all!!!) Now 3 months later I have a load of emails I haven't had the chance to read, neatly organises in my mailbox, and of the few I have read they all pretty much said the same thing!

But then I read an article that popped up whilst I was googling networking events (I'll talk about the importance of networking in another post) that made me take a double look. It was all about the need to unsubscribe to the mass amount of emailing lists that junk up our inboxes. It talked about the amount of time you can spend on reading these updates and not actioning them, so what's the point? and that really hit home.

Now when I say I signed up to everything, that's impossible, but I did sign up to at least 25-30 mentors that I though was going to give me the social media success I was looking for.

I've spent so much time reading them, trying to implement some, which has worked in a way, along with trying to apply for jobs that are posted on sites and agencies as well as actually doing work for the clients that I do have. I had no time left over to action the many, many emails that kept coming and was getting totally demotivated and generally being the most unproductive I have ever been in my working career, which made me feel pretty crappy. It felt like all those magazine subscriptions that you sign up to but never read, or joining the gym and never actually going.

So yeah, this article really hit home.

I then did the most productive thing I have done since starting my company,

I unsubscribed to all of those email lists

I saved the downloads that I have used and continue to use, and its amazing how much better I feel. I am focussing on the tips that have worked for me, refining my tactics and strategies. I sign up to only one programme at a time, and if that isn't working for me or I'm getting plagued with too many emails where they just become annoying, I unsubscribe and wait to see what comes next.

So my tips for today are;

Be strict on yourself and commit to one programme, but don't be afraid to change if its not working for you.

If you feel pressured because of the amount of emails they're sending, unsubscribe, feeling overwhelmed is not going to help you succeed.

Set time aside time so you are able to implement any actions you need to make. Growing your business is just as important as growing someone else's

Don't be affraid to unsubscribe.


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